La Libellule à votre Service !

au service des particuliers
un travail de confiance, sérieux et méticuleux

A local service, close to home in South Haute-Marne ! 
Supporting individuals 
Trustworthy, serious and meticulous 

Depending on the task, 20 to 30€ per hour

Cash, Bank check, Bank transfer, CESU pré-financé

Tax deductible up to 50% through Tax filling

Pre-visit for quotation free of charge

Option to program tasks, even when you are away  

House care  

Household chores, regular or occasional
Standard or extensive cleaning
Window cleaning 
Laundry and ironing 

Gardens and yards 

Hedge clipping and pruning of small trees and bushes
Removal of green waste to the tip

Basic DIY

Frame, shelf installation
Small furnitures assembly
Smoke detector setting

Small errands 

Grocery shopping and others (pharmacy and other local shops)
Collecting parcels at Post Office or Pick-up location...
Transporting wood pellets bags and refilling pellet boiler
Removal and disposal of boiler ashes

A single contact for you  

+33 6 86 44 27 34